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When it comes to lowering equipment maintenance costs, there’s no substitute for routine maintenance!

In the restaurant business, Murphy’s Law is a running joke amongst restaurant owners, and it would be much funnier if it wasn’t so accurate. Running any successful foodservice operation means expecting the unexpected, and learning how to use creative problem solving skills to deal with the infinite number of things that can go wrong.

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Three easy and affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen

Thanks to a combination of great recipes, great atmosphere, and great customer service, your restaurant has really caught on. In fact, you’re busier than you ever imagined that you’d ever be, and you’re quickly learning that your restaurant equipment wasn’t designed for the volume of business that you’re presently enjoying. It’s definitely time to consider making some upgrades!

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At Don’s Supply, we’re here to make happy hour even happier!

In the bar business, Happy Hour has become a staple which, for many establishments, forms an important backbone of their business. While the practice of putting the terms “happy” and “hour” together to denote good times dates back to the Middle Ages, the common usage of the term “Happy Hour” should perhaps be credited to the U.S. Navy.

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In 1969, Don's Supply was born from husband and wife duo Don and Dottie Downs. Don saw a growing need for an equipment supplier for bars in Central Arkansas.

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