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Running a successful bar or restaurant often means doing the small things well, and paying attention to the details. There are a lot of things that can and will go wrong over the course of an average day, and many bar and restaurant owners feel like “Mr. Murphy” is a member of their staff. But one thing that can be preventable (or at least predictable) is equipment downtime.

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If you ask most restaurant owners what they consider their most vital asset, they’ll probably say their employees, with their kitchen equipment coming in a very close second. They depend on both to keep their dining room served and happy. Downtime inconveniences guests, and costs restaurant owners money. That’s why it’s vital to invest in quality equipment that won’t let you down!

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It’s no secret that opening a new restaurant is one of the riskiest investments in the world. No matter how good that your food and service is, your success depends on developing a successful marketing campaign that will get people through the front door. It also depends on a lot of hard work, and more than a little bit of luck.

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In 1969, Don's Supply was born from husband and wife duo Don and Dottie Downs. Don saw a growing need for an equipment supplier for bars in Central Arkansas.

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