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At Don’s Supply, we have everything you need behind the bar (except the liquor)!

Cheers! You’ve finally decided to go for it, and pursue your lifetime dream of opening your own bar! Getting a new bar off the ground is a very challenging process, but if you can make it through the first few years, it can also be very rewarding and fun.

Don’s Supply has been Arkansas’ leading restaurant and bar supply store since 1969, and we’re always a phone call or mouse click away when you have any questions, or want to place an order. We love partnering with new businesses, and are always committed to helping them succeed and grow. We also operate a 13,000 foot showroom located at 9912 Interstate 30, and invite you to come browse at any time! Here’s a quick look at a few of the products that you’ll definitely want behind the bar:

Bar equipment and supplies-It’s always important to focus on the basics, and set up multiple fully functional workstations to handle a full house on a busy night. We offer premium mixing equipment, blenders, pourers, caddies, and speed rails at value prices. When your bartenders can keep everyone’s glasses full, it helps keep the tip jar (and the cash register) full!

Finest Call® cocktail mixes-Mixed drinks are the most profitable item on the menu, and you’ll always want to offer a wide selection. Finest Call mixes are available to help your bar staff quickly mix great margaritas, daiquiris and sours. They also offer numerous syrups and purees to help you create custom cocktails and sell them at top shelf prices!

Margarita machines-Frozen margaritas are the most popular mixed drink in the world, accounting for close to 20% of all mixed drink orders. If you don’t have them on the menu, you’re saying “adiós” to big profits. A frozen margarita machine makes serving a perfect margarita as easy as serving draft beer, and when you offer a wide selection of margaritas (and daiquiris), your guests will want to try them all!

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, contact us online, or at 501-568-1872.

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In 1969, Don's Supply was born from husband and wife duo Don and Dottie Downs. Don saw a growing need for an equipment supplier for bars in Central Arkansas.

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