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Thinking of upgrading your concession stand? Check out these Gold Medal products!

If your church, school, or civic organization hosts dances, carnivals, or sporting events, you already know that a concession stand is a great secondary fundraiser. It’s convenient for your guests, and encourages them to stay longer. And, if you price your food and soft drinks correctly, you can make a nice profit to help you pay for future activities!

Our team at Don’s Supply is Arkansas’ largest supplier of restaurant and concession equipment, and we’re always a mouse click or phone call away when you want to order equipment and supplies. Whether you’re looking to start a brand new concession operation, or make some upgrades to your existing snack bar, we’re here to help! We proudly carry the full catalog of Gold Medal concession supplies, which are durable, affordable, and easy to use. Gold Medal products are all manufactured in the USA, and since 1931, they’ve been delivering snacks, smiles & success! Here are a few great items that can help you take your concession operation to the next level:

Popcorn Machines-One of the easiest and most profitable investments that you can make is a popcorn machine. We carry popcorn machines in many sizes ranging from small machines 4 ounce kettles that are perfect for small venues all the way up to large industrial machines with twin 52 ounce kettles. The smell of popcorn will drive business to your concession stand, and will also increase soft drink sales!

Nacho cheese warmers and dispensers-Nachos don’t have to be cooked, which makes them an ideal product for a concession stand without a full kitchen. They’re already one of the most profitable snacks that you can offer, and most guests won’t mind paying a little extra to add chili and Jalapeños.

Cotton candy machines-A cotton candy machine takes a little practice to learn how to use, but once you’ve got the hang of it, there’s nothing to it! You should always put your machine in a prominent location, because people will stop and watch each time that you start spinning!

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, contact us online, or at 501-568-1872.

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