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3 Secrets of Successful Caterers


Catering is a rewarding career for people that can handle its fast pace, high pressure, and constant changes. In fact, most caterers would tell you that they prefer challenging conditions, because that’s what they need to learn what they’re made of, and to get the best out of themselves!

In the catering business, supplies are a crucial aspect of your operation, and our team at Don’s Supply is here to set you up for success. We’ve been Arkansas’ leading supplier of catering supplies and equipment since 1969, and are here to make sure that you have all the catering equipment supplies that you’ll need for every job! And if it’s advice that you need, you’ve come the right place! We’re always willing to share our experiences at no additional charge!

Here are 3 things to remember before every catering job:

  1. Only take jobs that you can do well​ – ​Some clients make offers too good to refuse, but you should never take a job that’s bigger than you can handle. This doesn’t mean that you should undersell your skills, or be afraid to take on larger jobs, but be realistic about your current abilities. Ultimately, attention to detail continues to be the key. With smaller jobs, it’s easier to pay attention to every detail, and blowing your customers away is still the best way to generate word-of-mouth advertising!
  2. Be prepared for every venue​ – ​No two event spaces are alike, but most come with logistical challenges. If possible, you should arrange to visit the venue in advance. That way, if there are issues such as inadequate food prep space or too few electrical outlets, you can plan ahead.
  3. Have a backup plan for EVERYTHING​ – ​No matter how many times that you discussed the terms of the contract with the client, and how detailed that your plans are, Murphy’s Law is alive and well in the catering business. Clients’ attendance estimates are often way off, and you suddenly have to feed several more guests than you expected. Equipment breaks down. You learn about food allergies at the last minute. The list goes on. Great caterers succeed because they’re good at anticipating common problems, and because they’re good at creative problem solving when they encounter uncommon problems!

If you have any questions, or would like to start your catering equipment order, contact us online, or at 501-568-1872.

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