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Five Tips for Maintaining a Clean Establishment

Aside from health regulations, cleanliness is one of the most important factors of business in the food service industry. The core of your success depends on what makes you unique, including: a great taste, an atmosphere that fits your target market, unmatched service from your staff, competitive pricing, customer perception, and much more.

Meanwhile, your customers are paying a great deal of attention to one very important factor: the tiny amount of dirt accidentally missed by last night’s shift that is in a corner of the bathroom, secluded, and a threat to no one. That’s just how consumers are these days. Given that perception is often reality, here are five tips to get your customers’ minds back on the food:

1 Have a list of cleaning duties for all personnel. Every staff member in your establishment needs to have a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning-duty list. Everything must be cleaned regularly, and with all hands on deck, the effort required of each individual is reduced.

2 Never stop cleaning. Aside from regular cleaning duties that are absolutely required, such as washing dishes, changing out cutting boards, or brushing off the grill, your staff can utilize any downtime in their day by picking up a mop, taking out the trash, or washing the windows. This will help you maintain food safety, and also give your patrons a good feeling that you’re committed to providing a clean establishment for them to use.

3 Schedule your deep-cleaning activities in advance. Cleaning activities such as defrosting a freezer, using an air compressor on refrigeration coils, and cleaning light fixtures are obviously not daily activities. But they still must performed. Having a schedule for each of these activities lets your staff know what to expect in advance.

4 Perform a thorough check-up daily. Remaining vigilant of all cleaning activities will help your staff understand that your commitment to a clean workplace is also their responsibility. Regularly checking others’ cleaning will provide a level of quality assurance to the process and make opportunities for improvement easy to find.

5 Stick to your plan. All employees need to be committed to the cleanliness of your establishment. And don’t forget that these are duties that must be performed for the lifetime of your business. It’s not enough to go on a cleaning frenzy every six months.

Your customers will appreciate a clean environment to eat. They will take notice, and they will return for the food that they crave.

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