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Three great ways to generate repeat business

Finding new customers is a lot of work. You have to pound the pavement to find out who’s out there, and you have to get them in the door for the first time. Once they’re there, you have to do everything in your power to provide them a top quality experience. If you do everything right, perhaps you’ll be fortunate enough to get them to return for a follow-up visit.

Since 1969, our team at Don’s Supply has been Arkansas’ leading bar and food service warehouse and restaurant supply store, and we offer one-stop shopping for product ranging from a commercial oven to concession stand supplies and catering disposables. We know that there is no “silver bullet” that guarantees repeat business, but here are a few strategies to consider:

Table Touches-You should always be “managing by walking around.” No matter how busy that you get, you should be in the front of the house, stopping by as many tables as you can before the check comes. It takes a matter of seconds to ask them how much that they enjoyed their meal, and find out what they didn’t order. If they didn’t try one of your appetizers or desserts, whip out your business card and comp one for a future order. When they show up to redeem that free dessert, get them to come back for an order of cheese dip. Once they’ve been to your restaurant three times, the fourth visit is easy.

Guerilla marketing-Be aware of any community events in your hometown, and rope in your out of town guests. Get plastic spoons printed with your business’ address, and an offer for a free ice cream scoop or sundae with any purchase, and watch all of your out-of-town guests begin to consider your place their “home away from home.”

Loyalty clubs/Social media-asking people for their name and email address may feel awkward, but as long as you offer your clients a free dessert on their birthday, and some pretty good coupons a few times a year, you’ll be okay. The rules are different for bars versus restaurants, but if you’re running a trivia tournament or a food and drink special for the big game, it’s important to get the word out.

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