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Three habits of successful bar owners and managers

The bar business provides an interesting combination of risk and reward. A successful bar or pub can be a place where large amounts of people come to let their hair down after work or after dinner, and can thrive based strictly on word of mouth advertising. But getting a new bar off the ground is a challenging proposition, and most struggle mightily to survive longer than five years.

Don’s Supply has been partnering with bar owners since 1969 to provide premium quality bar equipment and supplies. We offer all the brands that you’d expect from a quality bar supply store, and we also offer quality advice, free of charge. We don’t claim to know everything, and in the bar business, no one does. But we’ve worked with a lot of bar owners over the years, and notice that the most successful ones do certain things right:

Keeping it simple-This means a lot of different things. For starters, your menu should be limited to a single page. You need to identify your most profitable items, and put them front and center on your menu, and more expensive items that don’t get ordered regularly should be removed. This also applies to your procedures and policies. The less details that your staff has to focus on, the more likely that they are to do those things well.

Management by wandering around-This is an old business philosophy that makes perfect sense. You can’t run your bar from your back office, and you owe it to your business to spend as much time circulating around and making sure that your customers are happy, and your staff are set up for success. This doesn’t mean that you should micromanage your staff, but you should definitely observe their performance, and determine how to get the best out of them at all times.

Focus on the right details-There are typically more tasks involved in running a bar than one person can handle, and you owe it to yourself to find ways to delegate those tasks to others and count on them getting done. Tasks such as paying bills, payroll, and ordering should be done during off-peak times, and not when you have a full bar.

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