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Three Tips to Save Money on Catering Disposables

The catering business is one of those that can offer a rewarding career, both in terms of financial success and personal satisfaction, but to realize those rewards means you have to pay attention to the details. It makes sense to do exhaustive research, to examine all potential bargains, and to read between the lines when shopping for catering equipment for sale, which is one reason why so many area catering businesses rely on Don’s Supply to find the absolute best value in catering equipment.

But did you know at Don’s, we also specialize in catering supplies, including a wide variety of the highest quality disposables available?

It’s easy to think of disposables as something that just winds up in the trash but to avoid tossing good money in the bin too, keeping these three tips in mind can make the difference between profit and loss:

  1. Buy in Bulk: Economies of scale dictate that if you buy more you can save more. Not only is it less expensive per-item to buy bulk quantities, it also ensures you have a ready back-up supply should you run short, which saves the event and your reputation.
  2. Buy Quality: Cheap-looking, flimsy flatware and place settings might make it through an entire meal. Or, they might not. Cheap napkins not only look cheap, they absorb practically nothing, leaving your clients’ guests to go through them by the boxcar load. Bargain doesn’t always mean value, especially if getting something at half the price mean you get only a quarter the usefulness. When it comes to disposables, buying cheap is more expensive than you might think.
  3. Evaluate Your Options: Online wholesalers exist for shop from home convenience-mainly theirs. Because when something goes wrong in the middle of a big wedding, you’re on your own. Sure, you may have to make a trip to Don’s Supply Warehouse on occasion, but what you get in return is customer service that’s a cut above all else. You get a name and a face to deal with when you need help. That’s added value that makes shop-from-home convenience look… well… kind of inconvenient.

For value AND convenience, make Don’s Supply your restaurant supply store, and you’ll have a partner who’s in your corner. Call us today at 501-568-1872 or contact us online here and find out what real value looks like.

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