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Equipment Restaurant Owners Need in The Kitchen

Equipment needs differ depending upon what type of restaurant you’re opening. Different types of establishments may have different requirements for specialty equipment, but whatever type of restaurant that you plan to open, it’s always important to cover the basics. At Don’s Supply, we’ve created a checklist of basic needs for any restaurant that you can use as a guide.

Washing Equipment

Dishwashing and handwashing stations are integral to operating a restaurant, and required by health department regulations. Many industrial dishwashers automate tasks such as dispensing detergent or chemicals, as well as regulating water temperature. A handwashing station also helps prevent the spread of bacteria that can cause illness.

Ice Machines and Refrigerators

Refrigerators are a must for any restaurant, because food safety codes mandate minimum temperatures for most perishable foods. Restaurant refrigerators come in many sizes and types, from walk-ins to refrigerated pull-out drawers. And automatic ice machines are a must for efficient drink service.

Prep Tables

Stainless steel prep tables are standard in food service, because they’re easy to clean, and don’t sustain nicks and cuts that can harbor dangerous bacteria.

Freezers and Grills

Freezers are essential to store food that can’t be be used immediately. Restaurant freezers come in different shapes and sizes: Chest freezers, stand-up freezers, and walk-in freezers are all commonly found in restaurant kitchens. Gas grills are standard equipment in restaurant kitchens, and many chefs consider gas heat more reliable for even cooking. Gas grills come in many sizes and can come with a flat top attached.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is required by state and federal law, and regular inspections are held to enforce compliance. Every restaurant must keep an appropriately stocked first aid kit on the premises to deal with the types of injuries that commonly occur in kitchens. An appropriate number of fire extinguishers for the size and configuration of your restaurant are also required.

At Don’s Supply, we carry a vast array of restaurant equipment from famous makers, such as:

  • Reach-In Refrigerators by Continental Refrigerator®

  • Convection Ovens by Southbend®

  • Ice Machines by Manitowoc®

  • Salad/Pizza Prep Tables by Continental Refrigerator®

  • Fryers by Anets® and Pitco

At Don’s Supply, we’ve been keeping food service and entertainment establishments stocked with quality equipment since 1969 and at Don’s, the customer always comes first! Call us today at (501) 568-1872 or contact us online with your equipment needs.

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