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Three Fundamentals of a Successful Restaurant

Three Fundamentals of a Successful Restaurant

The restaurant business presents an exciting mix of risks and rewards. Most independent restaurants are lucky to keep their doors open for more than five years, and even the trendiest new restaurants can quickly get overwhelmed by how much month is left at the end of the money.

There are no guarantees for success, but if you take a look at the most successful restaurants, you’ll find that they typically have many similar procedures. Our team at Don’s Supply has been Arkansas’ leading provider of restaurant and kitchen equipment since 1969, and our clients know that we offer one stop shopping for restaurant appliances and kitchen supplies. But it doesn’t stop there! We also offer our professional experience and expertise to all of our clients at no additional charge! You can contact us at any time for specific recommendations, but there are several basic principles that the most successful restaurants consistently follow:

There’s no such thing as too clean!-It doesn’t matter if you’re operating a 4-star restaurant, or a local dive: cleanliness is a must! All restaurants have to comply with health codes, but the best restaurants take pride in their commitment to running a spotlessly clean establishment. It’s important to maintain a cleaning schedule for every shift, as well as frequent deep cleaning.

There’s no such thing as too fast!-Long ticket times are bad for business, particularly at lunchtime. That’s why it’s crucial to develop a menu that your kitchen staff can prepare consistently, accurately, and quickly. If there’s anything on your menu that you can’t prepare and serve in under 15 minutes, you should consider a change. It’s also vital to develop good communication between the front and back of the house.

Expect the unexpected!-We’re all familiar with Murphy’s Law, but most people in the restaurant business will tell you that Murphy was an optimist! Whether it’s a large group unexpectedly showing up on a Tuesday night, an unusual food allergy, or an equipment breakdown on your busiest night, owning a restaurant offers limitless unexpected challenges. It should be no surprise that the most successful restaurateurs got where they are because of their skills at creative problem solving!

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